Our Commitment to Paying it Forward: Why We Do Not Accept Donations Directly

At Nazarians.org, our mission has always been to serve the people, extend a helping hand to those in need, and inspire a world filled with kindness and compassion. We are deeply grateful for the generous offers of support that we receive from our community, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. However, as an organization committed to promoting the values of giving and charity, we have made the conscious decision not to accept donations of any kind. In this article, we explain the rationale behind this choice and invite you to join us in positively impacting the world.

Our Core Purpose: 

Nazarians.org was founded with a singular purpose – to promote the message of doing good in the world, as instructed by the Divine. Our primary goal is to encourage people, regardless of their faith, to embrace acts of kindness, compassion, and charity in their lives. We firmly believe that we all share the same divine essence and can contribute to a better world through selfless giving.

The Importance of Giving Back: 

We advocate for the importance of giving back to society and spreading goodwill. If you’re Jewish, we encourage you to study Torah, gain wisdom from its teachings, and apply its principles in your daily life. For those from different religious backgrounds, we encourage the study of your own faith’s teachings, as they often emphasize similar values of kindness and compassion.

Our stance is rooted in the belief that true charity transcends religious boundaries. Irrespective of our faith, culture, or background, we all have the capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of others through acts of kindness and philanthropy.

The Charity Box: 

Keeping the tradition of the “charity box” (Tzedakah box) in your possession is a practice we earnestly endorse. This humble box serves as a powerful reminder to allocate a portion of our wealth for the betterment of others. If you do not have one, we are more than willing to provide you with a charity box, either by bringing it to you or mailing it to your address.

Why We Don’t Accept Donations: You may wonder why we refrain from accepting direct donations despite our dedication to charitable causes. There are several reasons behind this decision:

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  1. Promoting Direct Impact: By encouraging individuals to give directly to the causes they are passionate about, we empower them to connect personally with the beneficiaries and witness the direct impact of their generosity.
  2. Multiplying the Impact: When people give to a cause they deeply care about, they are more likely to be involved and take an active interest in its success. This multiplier effect helps charities thrive and fosters a stronger sense of community.
  3. Encouraging Philanthropy: Our aim is to raise funds for charitable causes and promote a culture of philanthropy and selfless giving. Encouraging everyone to participate in charitable acts can create a ripple effect of positive change across society.
  4. Transparency and Accountability: By not handling donations, we eliminate any doubts or concerns about how the funds are used. Instead, we entrust the responsibility to established charitable organizations with a proven transparency and accountability track record.

Join Us in Making a Difference: 

We invite you to join us in our mission of spreading goodness and kindness throughout the world. Instead of donating to Nazarians.org directly, we encourage you to support causes that align with your values and passions. Countless organizations are doing incredible work in various fields, and your small contribution can make a significant difference.


At Nazarians.org, our focus has always been on inspiring others to positively impact the world through acts of kindness and charity. We sincerely appreciate your support and encourage you to embrace the spirit of giving in your life. Let us unite to improve the world by spreading love, compassion, and goodwill wherever we go. Together, we can create a brighter and more hopeful future for all.

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